Adorable Baby Bear Loses Fight With Flagstick on North Carolina Golf Course

Put ‘em up!

A trio of playful bear cubs had the times of their lives on golf course in Lake Toxaway, North Carolina, recently—no balls or clubs required.

Erin James shared a video with WLOS ABC 13 that shows three mischievous black bear cubs causing the cutest little ruckus on one of the greens. In the clip, (below) two of the baby bears wrestle with each as the third spars with a flagstick. With paws, teeth, and belly, the cub does its best to defeat the pole, but it simply refuses to bend or break.

Three Black bear cubs running
S.J. Krasemann/Getty Images

"Black bear sightings aren't so uncommon anymore, but it's not every day you get to see some cubs trying their hand at some golf!" the local news station wrote alongside the now-viral video on Facebook.

The footage ends with the two wrestling bears scampering out of view, likely at the request of their exhausted mama. As for the flagstick fighter? While the clip doesn't show its surrender, we can only imagine that mama bear got her way with that one too.

The summer is prime time for baby bear shenanigans. Last July, a family on vacation in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, caught two bear cubs wrestling on the front porch of their rental cabin. They too were chastised by their nearby mother.

Wildlife experts urge anyone who witnesses or comes across a bear to keep their distance and to avoid interaction. And never, ever feed a wild bear.

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