"Wanted for Stealing Presents and Joy": North Carolina Police Arrest the Grinch

We can all rest easy now.

Christmas has been saved!

A yellowish-green man "wanted for stealing presents and joy from kids in the area, and for just overall being a bad dude," was apprehended by Nash County Sheriff's Office near Bailey, North Carolina, this week.

"After receiving several tips from our watchful citizens, we located the Grinch down near Bailey at a residence," the sheriff's office wrote alongside photos from the fake arrest on Facebook Tuesday.

The infamous Dr. Seuss character was reportedly placed into custody and taken before the Magistrate to face his charges.

News of the Grinch's arrest came just one day after Nash County police shared a wanted poster for the holiday villain. They described the fictional criminal as "a furry, pot-bellied, pear-shaped, snub-nosed creature with a cynical personality." Due to the Grinch's notoriously "mean temper," citizens were warned against attempting to apprehend him themselves.

"We hope that his capture will help all the kids to rest easy and enjoy a great Christmas season," Nash County Sheriff's Office wrote.

Thank you!

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