This year, a North Carolina fire department's annual donation letter ended up in the hands of a boy named Brian. Upon learning that Huntersville's firefighters needed money to buy new equipment, the five-year-old quite literally emptied his piggy bank to help, reports WCNC.

Piggy Bank Donation
Credit: Huntersville Fire Department

Brian sent Huntersville Fire Department $3 from his piggy bank accompanied by a handwritten letter. "I hope this buys you a new firetruck," he wrote in crayon alongside an illustration of two firefighters at work.  

Brian's three-year-old brother Luke also contributed $1.25 and a drawing of a snake to the effort.

"We are blessed to serve such an amazing, supportive community," the fire department captioned photos of the letters on Facebook.

To thank them for their generosity, Huntersville Fire Department invited the boys and their family to the station where they were given a tour, met some local firefighters, and posed for photos.  

According to, the Charlotte-area fire department is made up of several paid employees and volunteers. They receive funding from the town as well as the county, but do not receive any money from the Charlotte Firefighters Association. Huntersville Fire Department mails out a donation letter each fall soliciting donations for firefighter gear.

We hope that Brian and Luke we're the only Huntersville residents who raided their piggy banks this year.