Want a cheap last-minute flight? Shake your phone.
KAYAK Shake Me Away App Feature
Credit: Pola Damonte via Getty Images

You want the beach. Your hubby wants a city. And the kids always want Disney. What's a travel-lovin' mama to do?

It turns out, the answer may be as simple as shaking your phone. Last week, KAYAK, the popular travel search engine, unveiled a new feature that gets you from thumb taps to tiki bar in no time. To access the secret offering, called "Shake Me Away," open the app and shake your phone (vigorously, and make sure you're in the "Search" tab) until you're met with the option to "Spin the Globe." Tap the text to continue, and then, KAYAK's algorithm magic presents you with a surprise round-trip flights itinerary.

KAYAK Shake Me Away App Feature
Credit: Courtesy KAYAK

The catch? The timeframe for the flights is the upcoming Friday through Sunday, so obsessive vacation planners need not apply (or at least, they must be willing to loosen their guidebook-clutching reins). For those eager to hop aboard the last-minute bandwagon, your spur-of-the-moment paradise ranges from Miami to Seattle.

All flight options presented are under six hours away, and clock in below $500 round-trip with one or no layovers. (Note: Though most airfare will be under $500, a KAYAK rep tells us that due to the constant fluctuation in airline prices, there's a chance you may get something over $500).

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For now, the feature is only for flights and is available on both the Android and iOs versions of the KAYAK app (if you already have the app, make sure you update to the latest version).

Guess it's time to tell the husband to pack that beach tote—tonight.