We've got the answer for you.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
October 03, 2017

You probably can picture Disney World's Cinderella Castle like the back of your hand. Well, maybe even better than the back of your hand.

For years, Disney lovers have likely heard the tale: When a hurricane threatens, Cinderella Castle can be partially or even completely disassembled. Turns out, that tale is a tall one. Snopes, the largest fact-checking site online, recently decided to investigate, and — maybe, slightly, crush our dreams — for good.

This fall, the rumor recirculated amidst chatter that Disney World employees were working to detach the castle's famed spires as Hurricane Irma loomed. News outlets covered the alleged Cinderella Castle breakdown, and Twitter users took to hopping aboard the rumor bandwagon.

Looks pretty convincing though, huh? Not so fast! Despite the recent buzz surrounding the magically detachable spires, it's nothing but an urban legend. As Walt Disney World News Today unearths, the photo in question actually depicts Cinderella Castle being "touched up after the removal of the holiday lights."

But like many widely distributed myths, the rumor just keeps on chugging along, no matter how many times it's been debunked. In fact, Snopes discovered that articles published as early as 1997 weighed in on the false rumors:

"Ever hear the legend that Cinderella Castle can be dismantled in the event of an approaching hurricane? That's not only a tale, it's a fairy tale. According to imagineers involved in its construction, Cinderella Castle was built to code to withstand hurricane-force winds and can in no way be disassembled," the Chicago Tribune article from 1997 reads in a piece titled 25 Secrets of the Magic Kingdom.

We're glad the truth has finally been settled. Admittedly, we're also a little sad to hear that the world's most magical castle doesn't have these superpowers.