The Mother Goose House has been nesting in Hazard for nearly 80 years.

Mother Goose House
Credit: Wikipedia Commons/Pccromeo

A giant, shingled goose is probably the last thing you expect to see cruising through the tiny town of Hazard on Kentucky's rural Route 476. But there she is, easily the town's oddest attraction, perched on her nest-shaped house just as she has been for the past 79 years.

George Stacy began construction on his Mother Goose House in 1935. He reportedly killed a goose in order to use its skeleton as a rudimentary blueprint for the multi-year project. He and his wife lived in a small shack on the property until the labor of love was completed in 1940.

"As far as I know, the goose was all my husband's idea," George's wife Ollie told "I have no idea how he came up with that notion. He came home one day with the idea in his mind. I was surprised, and I didn't think he would go through with it. He should have been an architect."

George considered every detail of the unique home including its eight egg-shaped windows. The roof is ribbed to create a feathered texture similar to that of a goose. The head of the goose is about 15 feet high and has eyes made out of headlights that still workm and the home's rustic exterior is made of sandstone from creeks from all over the area, hauled to the site by neighbors and George's three sons.

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Today, after a short run as a bed-and-breakfast, the quirky landmark is a private family home. Though if you call ahead, you might be able to secure a tour.

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