See Bald Eagles at Missouri's Dogwood Canyon

Plan a trip to the Ozarks to see migrating eagles in January.

If you're planning a getaway to the Ozark Mountains, set your sights on Dogwood Canyon. The 10,000-acre destination is home to natural wonders and lots of wildlife. Located in Lampe, Missouri, Dogwood Canyon Nature Park is one of the Missouri's best places to see bald eagles, which make their home in and around the canyon during the winter migration season.

To see the bald eagles in their natural winter habitat, you can participate in one of the canyon's twice-weekly Eagle Watching Tours. During the tours, which take place from 9:30 to 11:30 am during the month of January, guests ride a quiet shuttle through the park to catch glimpses of the birds. (Book early! Spots on the tours tend to sell out.)

Bald Eagle
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Don't worry if you visit after the eagles have left the canyon—there's still lots to do in the area. Go trout fishing in Dogwood Creek, hike or bike the picturesque trails, spot wildlife, waterfalls, and foot-long icicles, and hop on any of Dogwood Canyon's other nature tours. Don't miss a meal at Mill & Canyon Grill Restaurant, after which you can turn in at area accommodations such as Big Cedar Lodge or Angler's Lodge.

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Farther afield is Big Cedar Lodge, a 4,600-acre wilderness retreat with lodges, cabins, cottages, a spa, and restaurants, which provides another great place to launch an Ozark adventure. From there, you can enjoy the Top of the Rock clifftop heritage preserve, mountain views, caves, nature trails, and tours, as well as the Ancient Ozarks Natural History Museum located in Ridgedale, Missouri.

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What's your favorite January travel destination? Have you ever visited the Ozarks in winter?

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