You'll see what we Mena.
Mena Downtown
Credit: Arkansas department of parks and tourism

You either love antiques or you really love antiques. We're talking will road trip for seven-hours, has a running doc with all antique stores you want to visit, and can't walk into a friend's home without asking "where did you get that grandfather's clock?" kind of love.

Well, if your heart swoons for objets d'art and you had me at hat box, then you want to add the unassuming small town of Mena, Arkansas, to your radar. Though the population is a mere 5,571, Mena is a veritable antiquing paradise located close to the Oklahoma-Arkansas border. History buffs, take note: Mena was founded in 1896 as a railroad town.

As Wide Open Country recently reported, now is the time for antiques collectors to visit: "New antique shops have been popping up in town over the years. Mena has even been working on a $1 million project to upgrade the streets downtown to better draw in visitors," writes Courtney Campbell.

When you're not soaking up views of the Ouachita Mountains, lose yourself in a smattering of amazing antique shops like The Mercantile, the Mena Antique Mall, and The Old Bank Antiques.

Should you choose to put your creative talents to work, there's also Chameleon Arts, an arts and craft studio for kids and adults alike. We also love visiting the Mena Art Gallery which spotlights the work of local artists.

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Once you've hauled all your wares back to your hotel, cabin, or inn (our vote is The Carriage House Inn), be sure to make a detour to Queen Wilhelmina State Park. There, gorgeous vistas and majestic sunsets will reward you for a fruitful day on the roadshow trail.

Have you journeyed to Mena, Arkansas? If so, we'd love to hear what your favorite attraction was while in town.