I'll have the "I don't know" with a glass of milk, please.

Child Picky Eater
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Kids can be especially critical when it comes to food. Every parent at some point has encountered their three-year-old turning their nose up at a dish, refusing to eat, or pretending they're not hungry, despite them telling you just hours earlier that they are indeed starving. Needless to say, dining out can be a pain for parents of difficult, fussy eaters. But one local Maryland restaurant is hoping to solve your dinnertime dilemma, with a kids' menu that's designed with picky eaters in mind.

Posted by Reddit user "IWishItWouldSnow, this hilarious menu was crafted by Fager's Island restaurant in Ocean City, Maryland. The restaurant typically serves classic American fare, but its idyllic setting on the bay lends itself to traditional coastal cuisine as well. In the kids' menu section, entitled "Kid Friendlies," you'll find selections for every thing your child wants or—more aptly—doesn't want.

Fager's Island Kids' Menu
Credit: IWishItWouldSnow, via Reddit

Got a picky eater who utters "I'm not hungry" when asked what they want to order? Well, that common phrase translates to a $7.00 basket of chicken tenders. What if they tell you, "I don't care?" That means a $3.50 grilled peanut butter & banana sandwich is coming right up. And a simple, "What?" will deliver a $4.50 cheesy quesadilla to the table. Genius, right?

One Reddit user had this to say about the menu: "Because ‘I'm not hungry' really means ‘I'm not hungry until I see the food on the table and then I'll eat half of your meal.' My niece is two. This is her typical MO. Then...she eats your whole plate of raviolis."

We feel your pain, buddy.

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It's not certain whether or not Fager's menu will catch on at other kid-friendly establishments, but we have to admit it's the perfect solution for those inevitable dining-out food tantrums.