It's safe to say that every one of them is a little richer now—in more ways than one.

passengers holding up their two dollar bills
Credit: Natalie Gunderson

One mysterious flier gave new meaning to the term "friendly skies" last week. Passengers on the man's North Carolina-bound flight got a lot more than they bargained for thanks to the generous stranger who gifted every single one of them with a rare $2 bill.

One lucky traveler, Ohio native Natalie Gunderson, wrote about the the man's touching gesture on Facebook. With it she shared photo of her fellow passengers smiling as they held up their shiny new bills.

The man, she explained, said that he received a $2 bill from his dad when he was 16, and his father told him as long as he kept it, he'd never be broke.

"In the midst of all the crap going on in the world, here is some ‘good' for your Facebook feed," Gunderson began the post. "Tonight that man honored his dad and gave everyone on our (almost full) flight a $2 bill so we'll never be broke," she continued. "He just wanted to spread the love. Good people doing good things."

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It's safe to say that every one of them is a little richer now, and not just financially.