A tiny Southern gem.


Whether you're traveling through the historic South, searching for delicious food and great music, or simply hoping to explore a new place, St. Francisville is certainly the hidden gem of Louisiana. Located just 30 miles north of the state's capital, this small, sleepy town is overflowing with character and local charm. You'll find Louisiana's unique Cajun culture without the hustle and bustle of New Orleans or Baton Rouge. If you're planning to make a stop in St. Francisville anytime soon (and, for your sake, we hope you are) here are 5 things you probably didn't know about the must-see location.

Home To The Myrtles Plantation

It's widely considered one of the most haunted homes in America, and people travel from across the country to tour and spend the night in the Myrtles Plantation. This unforgettable spot dates back to the late 1700's, and it has a spooky tale including elements of mystery and love. If you do have the pleasure of exploring the historic location, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the house's ghost girl, Chloe.

Enjoy Great Food

If you're touring St. Francisville, be sure to check out Magnolia Café. The beloved restaurant serves up scrumptious food and an even more flavorful environment. The café is only part of the lure; it's situated steps away from 3-V Tourist Court's vintage lodging cabins and local and regional bands often entertain at the eatery.

Shop Until You Drop

Downtown St. Francisville is a great place to unload any extra spending money. Whether you prefer a local boutique, antique shops, or souvenir parlors, this tiny town has endless options. Be sure not to lose your entire paycheck!

Take Me To Church

As you travel through the Historic District of St. Francisville, you'll undoubtedly stumble upon a beautiful brick structure known as Grace Episcopal Church. The congregation originally opened in March of 1827, and it's the second oldest Episcopal church in the state of Louisiana. The building suffered extensive damage during the Civil War, but it has been restored and is broadly considered an iconic landmark.

Wake Up And Smell The Roses

For all the nature enthusiasts exploring St. Francisville, don't miss the Afton Villa Gardens. The estate comprises over 20 acres of formal gardens and grounds, containing the recognized ruins gardens, parterre green, and daffodil valley. It's the perfect place for a family photo.