Lucky Palace Pho Bowl
Credit: Facebook/@Lucky-Palace-Chinese-Restaurant

Tucked away on the side of the interstate, across from a Travelodge and inside its own rent-by-week hotel, sits the Lucky Palace, a Chinese food restaurant that will delight any visitor's tastebuds.

"Do not let the hourly motel vibe surroundings dissuade you from having dinner," one Yelp reviewer shared. "All the dishes were delicious and beautifully presented."

"This is by far the most delicious food I've had in this town. The place looks a bit creepy from the outdoors but it's a very nice place inside," another reviewer noted. "The service is amazing and the food is to die for."

Person after person explained that the location may not be ideal, but the food — including Northern style duck with steamed buns, house special shrimp and scallops, and Thai green curry prawns — is well-worth the adventure.

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Each of the menu items and the restaurant's ambiance is thanks to its owner, Kuan Lim.

As Gun and Garden shared in a profile, Lim moved to the United States from Kuala Lumpur more than two decades ago. After meeting his wife in college the pair had planned to open a restaurant in San Antonio, Texas, but, drove through Bossier City to play a bit of blackjack and never left.

Though his food was always a hit, Lim shared with Gun and Garden that it was a high-roller who passed through the casino and his restaurant that convinced him to grow a world-class wine cellar. Since then, he's taught himself to taste wines and has accumulated a collection that could rival any fine dining establishment in Paris, Rome, or New York.

So go, find charm in its location, notice the award after award lining the walls (including being named the Top Ten Restaurants in the USA and an Award of Excellence from Wine Spectator) and sit down for a meal with Lim. Just make sure to order the Duck on Scallion Pancake paired with a Malbec from Argentina while you're there.