Harry Connick, Jr. Wants You to Know You're Saying New Orleans All Wrong

Harry Connick, Jr. is ready to laissez les bons temps rouler in NOLA.

First off, Harry Connick, Jr. wants to set the record straight. "[It's] New Orleans...Here's how you do not pronounce New Orleans: 'N'awlins.' If you say 'N'awlins' you are not from New Orleans and it's a giveaway!" the star joked in the Twitter video. As a New Orleans native, though, Harry Connick, Jr. has far deeper knowledge of his hometown than merely pronunciation guidelines. Turns out, Connick, Jr. is a New Orleans food expert. Watch below as he leads viewers through the city's epicurean delights.

His most beloved eatery of them all? A spot serving Cajun fare in the Lakeview neighborhood where Connick, Jr. grew up. "This place here is my favorite restaurant in all of New Orleans. I love the owner, Danny," he said. "It's called Cava and the food is absolutely a 10 out of 10."Based on the look on his face when he sits down to dig into "Mr.Higgins Crab Claws"―a hearty plate of sautéed crab fingers in a lemon butter cream sauce―we're excited to add Cava to our Crescent City bucket list. Who's hungry?

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