Why You Really Have To Try One of Elsie's Pies in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

This Cajun restaurant serves up the most delicious homemade pies, both savory and sweet.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has long been a favorite pitstop or weekend getaway for those interested in seeing the robust history of the capital city that was originally settled centuries ago by Native Americans and later European explorers, bringing along culture and flavors that influenced the birth of Cajun cuisine. That's why — beyond the LSU campus, many museums, swamp tours, and more that the city is known for — it is the food that's worth your entire visit alone. (Make sure to check out our 17 Reasons To Plan a Trip to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Now before your trip.)

Elsie's Pies and Plates Baton Rouge Louisiana

Cajun cuisine is marked by spicy, bold flavors that simmer into gumbos and étouffées, as well as slightly unusual proteins like alligator, frog legs, and lots of crawfish. It's something totally its own, which makes it a bucket-list item everyone should try at least once. In Baton Rouge, you'll find plenty of authentic Cajun food, whether you're getting the raved-about jambalaya at Rice and Roux or the oysters Bienville at Parrain's. One stop not to miss amongst all the tasty options? Elsie's Plate & Pie.

Named in memory of the owner's grandmother Elsie Marie Campeau Rupe who was known especially for her homemade pies, the local restaurant is a purveyor of an extensive list of pies, sweet and savory alike, that are baked fresh in-house. While the sweet pies are displayed front and center at Elsie's, the savory pies are what offer special Cajun flair, with offerings that include seafood pot pie (easily the customer-favorite in the bunch; seen below), crawfish hand pies, smoked chicken pot pie, Natchitoches-style meat pies, and more.

On the sweet side, you can choose from an array of slices, miniature pies, and skillet pies. Visitor favorites include its homemade turtle pie, chocolate cream pie, berry hand pies, and skillet apple pie (seen below) that you really need to enjoy at the table.

Beyond the sweet and savory pies, Elsie's offers a menu full of other customary Cajun dishes, such as red beans and rice, crawfish bisque, po'boys, boudin cakes, and fried oysters. Just make sure not to skip the signature starter: Cajun Crawfish Queso. It's served with crispy-fried pork skins and guaranteed to please.

On your next stop through Louisiana's capital city, Elsie's Plate & Pie is the perfect place to blow your diet. Our recommended order? One savory pie and one sweet pie apiece. Why choose?

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