Queen Bey's monarchical title's based on more than just empty fanfare. She sings like a queen. She commands the stage like a queen, as proven by her On The Run Tour with hubby Jay Z that stopped at the New Orleans Superdome last night. The power didn't even go out this time. And she eats like a queen, if her culinary choices in New Orleans are any indication. Here are five Crescent City restaurants that Beyoncé, one of our favorite Southerners, has enjoyed.

Cochon Just today, we spotted the couple dining at a Southern Living favorite: Cochon Butcher. The two were surrounded by more bodyguards than the President, enjoying a leisurely lunch the day after lighting up the Superdome.

Cafe Amelie If you have a television, subscribe to a newspaper, own a working radio, can access the Internet, receive telegraphs, or simply know another human being, you've probably heard about a certain elevated scuffle between a world-famous rap star and Beyoncé's little sister. Well, not only has the happy family released a statement claiming everything is A-OK, Jay Z, Solange, and Beyoncé dined together on May 17 at the cozy French Quarter restaurant Cafe Amelie.

Muriel's Of course, when you're the Queen, you don't merely eat at wonderful restaurants like a commoner. Earlier this year, Beyoncé, along with a cadre of stars like Jennifer Hudson, Monica, and Kris Jenner, rented out the beautiful (and delicious!) Muriel's Restaurant in the French Quarter to celebrate the birthday of one Tina Knowles (yes, mother to Bey and Solange).

Mother's Sure, Yonce's rendition of the National Anthem might have been a bit inauthentic, but her restaurant choices are anything but. She and Jay Z dined at Mother's Restaurant, a New Orleans institution, on the evening of her lip-synced anthem at President Obama's inauguration.

Parkway Bakery The last time a tour swung Mrs. Carter through New Orleans, she and her crew must have worked up an appetite, because she ordered 150 po'boys from Parkway Bakery, home of the modern classic po'boy. The joint normally refuses to deliver, but when the Queen gives you a ring, you oblige. We still wonder if those 150 po'boys are what convinced little sister Solange to move down to the end of the river and open Exodus Goods.

Where do you recommend she and Jay Z eat next time they're in town?