By Melissa Locker
Louisiana Shrimp Po'Boy
Credit: mphillips007/Getty Images

If you've ever been lucky enough to run out of gas in Louisiana you may have stumbled into a Danny & Clyde's and the greatest po'boy sandwich ever to be served up in a gas station.

The chain was started by two childhood friends Ernest "Big Dan" Danjean Perrin and Clyde Rittiner in Gretna, Louisiana back in 1973. It took a few more years for the Danny & Clyde's as we know it to come to be (three years, to be precise) but the moment they paired their gas station with a deli they had an immediate hit. They were one of the first chains—if not the first—to let customers pick up good food at convenience stores. Soon people were filling up their gas tanks and their stomachs thanks to Danny & Clyde's incredible sandwiches. Their Overstuffed Po-Boys quickly garnered a reputation as one of the best in the New Orleans area, where they face some seriously stiff competition.

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The idea caught on and by 1984, there were 10 stores, all serving up tasty sandwiches alongside 12-packs of beer, boudin sausage balls, muffulettas, red beans and rice, and whatever else you might need for a Cajun snack break. The stars however are the sandwiches—fried shrimp, hot sausage, roast beef with gravy, fried oyster or catfish all stuffed into the classic po'boy bread made by the Leidenheimer baking company. Danny & Clyde's offer all the classic combinations, and a few surprising options too like cheeseburger and southern fried chicken. They will also make you half-and-half sandwiches overflowing with oysters and shrimp, or even a twist on a surf-n-turf with shrimp and roast beef cohabitating on chewy white bread.

The next time you find yourself traveling through the Metairie or Jefferson areas of southern Louisiana do yourself a favor and fill your tank at Danny & Clyde's and pick up a po'boy or two for the road—they are definitely worth the trip.