Man Decides to Cast a Line and Go Fishing When Stuck in a Giant Traffic Jam on Lake Pontchartrain

When life gives you traffic jams...

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Sometimes, a funny video works wonders to brighten our mood. Now, straight out of Crescent City, do we have the clip for you.

Here's the background: On Tuesday, June 22, there was a truck accident at around 9:30 a.m. on the Bonnet Carré Spillway, which is situated along Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans, Louisiana. While traffic was shut down to deal with the accident and the diesel spilled on I-10 East Bound for five hours many likely sat in their cars frustrated, talking on their phones with loved ones and rearranging their plans for the day. Pretty stressful times, we're guessing.

Not so for one industrious man. He grabbed his fishing rod. While we don't know the identity of this individual, he sure seems like a Southerner at heart, making the most of an unfortunate situation with the popular pastime. New Orleans' Fox 8 WVUE-DT reported on the amusing story, sharing that no injuries were reported and that all the lanes were reopened at 2:30 p.m. so commuters and visitors alike could be on their way.

"We've been sitting here for more than 2 hours," one woman named Kristan told the news outlet. "10-year-old missed her flight to Disney, 2-year-old getting restless…please please hurry!" We feel you, Kristan. And it's safe to say we can't one up this unknown man in terms of the funniest things we've seen people do during a lengthy traffic standstill. Got anything that beats this, readers? We'd love to hear your tales.

Watch the video of the gentleman fishing from Fox 8 WVUE-DT below. Only in the South, only in the South, folks.

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Well, we don't think it's the most efficient way to do so, but this is certainly one way to get dinner. Catch of the Bonnet Carré, coming right up!

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