Is there anything in this world cuter than newborn animals? Definitely not. The Audubon Zoo just announced the birth of a baby flamingo, and we are in love! This is the second year in a row that the New Orleans zoo saw its flamingo collection grow. The adorable animal isn’t even a month old, and his or her gender is still to be determined. But, the little one is already proving to be lively and animated.

“Flamingo chicks usually spend the first six to eight days after hatching on the nest mound, being fed and incubated by the parents,” said the Audubon Zoo Curator of Birds. “On day three, this little one had enough of the nest mound and kept jumping out. Despite being returned to the nest several times, the chick kept leaving to explore. And it has been running around with the parents ever since. It is a very precocious chick.”

Not only is the newborn lively, but he or she is also lucky! Several flamingo eggs were laid in 2017. However, only one was actually fertile. This means this baby flamingo will probably be the only chick hatching this year. Way to go, little one!

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