This Quirky Louisville, Kentucky Home Is a Horse Lover's Paradise

Jo Cornell Home 1
Photo: Lisa Bauer

Jo Cornell really loves horses. So much so, that the renowned equestrian instructor has made her Louisville, Kentucky home, a shrine to her favorite pastime. From lamps made from riding boots to top hats worn by her father in horse shows of yesteryear, the three-bedroom home in the Douglas Hills neighborhood is a veritable temple to all things equine. See inside this one-of-a-kind abode.

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The Living Room

Jo Cornell Home 2
Lisa Bauer

A warm setting to relax. We love Cornell's signature shutters flanking the antique Welsh dresser with ivory key holes.

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Gather 'round the Fire

Jo Cornell Home 3
Lisa Bauer

Take note of the many equestrian keepsakes like the 1859 engraving by G.Paterson, A Glimpse of English Homestead and the horse sculpture in front of the hearth.

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Sadie Snoozing on the Couch

Jo Cornell Home 6
Lisa Bauer

The horse head sculpture above the pup is a replica of Cornell 's favorite lesson horse, Pennyrile. Teaching children helped in paying off her mortgage. While the horse may no longer be with us, Pennyrile's legacy endures.

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The Bar

Jo Cornell Home 4
Lisa Bauer

How about the horseshoe centerpiece on this handsome bar? Even cooler: The lamp base in the foreground is made from a sterling silver trophy.

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The Foyer

Jo Cornell Home 8
Lisa Bauer

Those lamps with riding boots as the base could not be more darling.

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Dining Room and Kitchen

Jo Cornell Home 7
Lisa Bauer

The beautiful shutters at the entrance to this room were found at a salvage yard and repurposed by Cornell herself in her garage.

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A Special Display

Jo Cornell Home 5
Lisa Bauer

Cornell discovered this eye-catching 100 year-old silver trophy in Wyoming.

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