The rescue team is calling the lucky toddler a superhero.
Boy Survives Fall from Cliff in Red River Gorge
Credit: Wolfe County Search & Rescue Team

On Friday afternoon, rescue teams responded to a terrifying accident in Kentucky's Red River Gorge.

Wolfe County Search & Rescue Team (WCSART) was called after what can only be described as every parent's nightmare: a child had taken a "tumbling fall off of a cliff" while hiking near Princess Arch with his parents.

The father scrambled down the cliff face to reach his four-year-old son and began running towards the nearest highway for help.   

"When WCSART was notified, the father was already on the move," the rescue team wrote on Facebook alongside photos of the lucky little boy on Facebook.

First responders described what they found when they met up with the frantic father as "nothing short of a miracle." Despite striking multiple ledges and falling a total of 70 feet, the toddler was virtually unharmed.

"Incredibly, while the child was certainly scraped up and bruised, he appeared to be otherwise okay," WCSART continued. "He was very talkative, and very interested in superheroes. The only superhero present was him."

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After being examined by paramedics, the boy was released to the care of his "very relieved parents." 

A miracle indeed!