Explore An Abandoned Mine On A Clear SUP In Kentucky

Navigating on a clear stand up paddle board is like walking on water.

SUP Kentucky Clear Paddle Boards
Photo: SUP Kentucky

If you thought that paddling a clear kayak through a flooded limestone mine illuminated by the glow of underwater LED lights was wild, wait until you hear about the latest adventure from SUP Kentucky. This literally makes you feel as though you are walking on water, but wait until you read about the aquatic view beneath your feet.

Mining For Adventure

Located about an hour from Lexington in Red River Gorge, SUP Kentucky offers a variety of outdoor excursions, but their most popular is easily the "Red River Gorge Underground Mine Glow," which takes customers on a one-hour journey through an abandoned, 100-year-old mine complete with an underground waterfall.

The eco tour company added Crystal Clear Bottom Kayaks to the excursion, allowing participants to see everything happening (and swimming!) in the water. Recently, they've upped the ante once more, offering clear, light-up paddle boards for a glowing experience that allows you to view what's happening below.

Paddling With The Fishes

"Keep an eye out for rainbow trout who often follow the tour," the company's website advises. "If you're lucky, you'll see a Kentucky brown bat taking a rest on the limestone walls."

This one-of-a-kind experience costs $75 per adult and $25 per child (ages 3-12) and is limited to groups of eight. Traditional and clear paddle boards as well as single and double kayaks are available. And the best part? SUP Kentucky promises to take cool photos of you and your group while you experience the tour.

"So far, our guests have been blown away by the experience," SUP Kentucky owner Heather Warman said. "It's like walking on water."

WATCH: You Can Paddle Through an Abandoned Mine in a Clear Kayak in Kentucky

Custom SUP Adventures

Aside from the glowing adventure afforded by their spectacular mine tour, the team at SUP Kentucky will customize an outing for a group. This is offered for any of their advertised tours. Imagine enjoying this with a close knit group, and cherishing the memory of having such a singular experience all to yourselves.

In addition to the immersive mining tour, SUP Kentucky offers tours of Cumberland Falls in Cumberland State Park. This is considered one of our nation's best state park experiences. The power of nature is tangible as you paddle up to a 62-foot waterfall. Known as the Niagara of the South, and is one of the largest waterfalls in the Eastern U.S.

Child SUP Paddle
Child SUP Paddle. © by Getty Images / Stephen Simpson

Tips For A First Outing On An SUP

You are definitely getting a tutorial for you SUP experience, especially if you've never done it before. Consider these tips before giving it a try.

  • Practice on solid ground before you hit the water - get the feel of the board beneath your feet
  • Start on your knees - work your way up to your feet
  • Keep a wide stance
  • Know how to hold your paddle
  • Look ahead, not down - it will aid in your balance
  • Prepare for wind and waves
  • Dress for the temperatures - air and water

Visit SUPKentucky.com for tickets and more information.

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