How about a $93 flight to paradise?
This Is the Most Wallet-Friendly Southern City for 2018
Credit: Marc Perrella/Getty Images

There's nothing like a post-holidays slump to get those planning wheels turning for your next vacation. But with the clean slate of the new year, millions of Americans are also trying to balance that daydream with the resolution to budget more wisely.

Well, your money-saving goals don't have to be at odds with your next great getaway. KAYAK, the popular travel search engine crunched numbers of their 1.5 billion+ annual searches to create their 2018 Travel Hacker Guide. For their top 10 wallet-friendly trips list, Orlando, Florida secured the number three spot, with Raleigh, North Carolina trailing close behind at number four(Guadalajara, Mexico and Calgary, Canada ranked number one and number two, respectively).

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To create the list, KAYAK looked at both flights and also hotel costs to see where your dollars fared best. Orlando clocks in at 32% less than the average trip cost with a median hotel rate of $115 in January and median airfare $178 in the first month of the year. Raleigh, meanwhile, comes in at 31% less than the average trip cost with a median hotel rate of $98 and median airfare of $244 in January (KAYAK's handy charts also allow you to see airfare and hotel averages for every month of the year). Also making the top ten from our neck of the woods were Fort Myers, Tampa, and Baltimore. See you on the beaches of Sanibel!