If only we could all be as put together as the former First Lady.

By Melissa Locker

Former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy was one of the most fashionable women in Washington, earning style icon status for her wardrobe that was filled with classic style with a contemporary twist. She was also a world traveler, hitting the campaign trail with her husband John F. Kennedy, attending state dinners around the world as the wife of the president, and then globe-trotting on the arm of her second husband, Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis.

When most of us travel, we roll off the plane looking rumpled, at best, and our stuffed suitcases make sure we stay rumpled looking for the rest of the trip. So how did Jackie Kennedy always manage to look so good as she roamed the world? According to a new memoir, Jackie's Girl, by Jackie's former personal assistant Kathy McKeon the secret was all in the packing—and a little trick that you may remember your grandmother using back in the day.

As Town & Country first reported, McKeon was responsible for packing Jackie's suitcases and it was serious business. "I did the packing," McKeon wrote in her book. "I always needed a decent head start on that, since every sleeve, pant leg, and pocket had to be stuffed with packing paper to minimize wrinkling." Yep, the secret to looking as good as Jackie Kennedy when you travel is to pack using tissue paper, just like your grandma always said.

If you don't want to spend your pre-vacation hours wrapping every item with tissue paper (and don't have an assistant to do it for you), Travel + Leisure suggests focusing on jackets, turning them inside out and folding them in half with tissue paper. Howcast suggests adding a layer of tissue paper in between each layer of clothing you put in your suitcase to reduce wrinkles. If you don't have tissue paper lurking in your crafting area, save up the bags from your trips to the dry cleaner as they work just as well. It's a classic packing tip, with a modern twist and we're certain Jackie would approve.