This Genius Hack for Packing Jeans Will Change Your Suitcase Forever

Minimize woes and maximize space with this easy trick.

packing jeans in suitcase
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There's nothing more frustrating than trying to cram your favorite pair of jeans into an already-stuffed suitcase. Seriously, how is it that even the skinniest pairs of skinny jeans seem so much bigger when it comes time to pack them?

Luckily, Today Style has shared a brilliant packing hack to help minimize woes and maximize space. Read on to learn more and get packing!

WATCH: How to Pack a Suitcase


  1. Start by laying the jeans flat and folding them in half lengthwise.
  2. Next, lift one pant leg and fold it up diagonally at the knee.
Folding Jeans to Save Space
  1. Roll pants starting at the waist, leaving the diagonal piece out.
  2. Finally, tuck the rolled denim into the extra pant leg, and voila!
Rolled Jeans for Saving Space


  1. Begin by laying the sweater flat and cuffing the bottom hem.
  2. Next, crisscross the sleeves making an X across the front of the shirt.
Grey Sweater Being Folded
  1. Fold the sweater into thirds lengthwise.
  2. Now, fold the sweater into thirds again.
  3. Lastly, tuck everything into the folded hem.

Watch a video demo at and try it out before your next trip. Your suitcase will thank you!

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