Save money, get more perks.
Opening Hotel Room Door
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Planning a vacation? A girlfriends getaway, perhaps? First off, we're jealous. Secondly, booking that hotel online might not be your best option to keep more money in your bank account.

When reserving a hotel, you may want to consider the good ole antiquated telephone, friends. As Jill Douglass, General Manager at the Commander Hotel & Suites in Ocean City, Maryland told Reader's Digest, calling the hotel will typically give you "...access to valuable unadvertised money-saving specials that the hotel may be running during the time period when you're looking to visit." When you call, it may help to reference the lowest rate you saw available online on a travel booking site, and see if the property will match or beat it, or if they can throw in free extras like complimentary breakfast or free parking. Additionally, as Douglass points out, booking by the phone often gives guests a cancellation window of 24-48 hours before check-in, which may not be included if you book online.

Douglass also notes that while you're on the phone, you should be sure to ask if the hotel has any money-saving partnerships for guests with local restaurants and attractions so you can secure those offers when you arrive.

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Who knows, talking to a real, live human being may also even give you amazing travel intel that you otherwise wouldn't have discovered.

Time to book those rooms and get ready for an amazing getaway, ladies and gents.