Probably haven't tried this yet.

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Finding an inexpensive flight is a bit of a crapshoot—it's hard to tell exactly WHEN they'll be the cheapest, and not to mention, which website will sell the best tickets.

But there's one quick and simple hack to make sure you're not missing out on the most affordable air travel deals: Clearing your web browser's cookies. In a sense, doing this beats the system, Business Insider reports.

The trick is used to get around something called dynamic pricing, wherein costs go up due to demand. In a nutshell, travel sites are using your clicks to raise charges, so repeatedly refreshing your browser to see updated prices will actually only hurt you.

You can go into incognito mode to sidestep this, but clearing your cookies is even better, since you're erasing internet files stored on your computer.

Get step-by-step instructions for clearing your cookies on both Chrome and Firefox. Here's a video tutorial, too.