Bring the kids, the grandkids, or some extra friends along with these bunk room options.

By Hannah Hayes
South Congress Hotel
Credit: @southcongresshotel

If you've ever tried to cram three children in one double bed at the Hampton Inn or called for a rollaway cot only to be told they're all taken, suddenly the dream of showing your offspring the world (or the nearest city) doesn't seem like such a good idea after all. Replace children with best friends, and the same applies.

And if you're a parent, you might think those new hotels you've double tapped on Instagram (at midnight after the last load of laundry and responding to last minute emails) are just for honeymooning couples and childless influencers. Traveling on a budget with a few extra buddies? Unless you're into a hostel situation or taking out another credit card, the options are few.

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The answer: luxe bunk beds. At these three boutique properties, it's possible to comfortably fit a family or group in one room.

South Congress Hotel

Austin, Texas

With four queen mattresses in bunk format, it's possible to bring 7 of your closest friends or a passel of children. And if anyone needs some space, there's a separate living room and a private balcony overlooking a courtyard (or a rooftop bar if you really need to get away).

Union Station Hotel

Nashville, Tennessee

If only affordable hotel rooms in Nashville were as easy to find as hot chicken or people wearing wide-brimmed fedoras. Luckily, at the Union Station Hotel, $299 will get you a Family Suite that includes accommodations for a family of four with an in-suite bunk bed, bean bag chairs, TV and a dart board. Perfect for pre-teens who may not be so into the sharing-a-bed thing.

Hotel Colonnade

Coral Gables, Florida

If you're splurging on a South Florida getaway, the Hotel Colonnade's Family Miracle Mile Lofts on the top floor include a master bedroom with a spiral staircase that leads to two bunk beds and a sleeper sofa with windows looking out to the turquoise pool.