Remove them from the bed or couch pronto.

Throw Pillows on Bed
Credit: Jon Lovette/Getty Images

As soon as you make it to your hotel room, you proceed to wash your hands and disinfect surfaces. Now what? Well, if you ask Reader's Digest, it's time to toss those throw pillows off your bed (and then you may want to wash your hands again). Though throw pillows seem like harmless decorative items, they can actually be hot spots for germs.

"If you notice the throw pillows on the bed or the couch have no removable sleeves, you can be sure they are never thoroughly cleaned," Kashlee Kucheran, an experienced traveler and co-owner of tells Reader's Digest in an article titled "15 Things You Should Never, Ever Do in a Hotel Room." Kucheran continues, "[a]fter they get so stained or smelly that they become offensive, the hotel will just replace them. In the meantime, you can bet there have been many faces, bottoms, and other things lounging on those pillows, so steer clear!"

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If you're staying at an upscale property, you may even want to consider calling your hotel to request that throw pillows be stashed in a closet or removed from your room prior to your stay. Better safe than sick and sorry.

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