When in doubt, pick the checkpoint farthest to the left.

TSA Security Line
Credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images

In recent years, navigating airport security has become a huge stressor for countless travelers. Of course, our safety is paramount, but the long lines have created problems of their own. For some, enrolling in TSA PreCheck and/or newcomer CLEAR isn't worth the time and money, so waiting in lengthy security lines has become the norm.

Well, here is a fast-pass to relaxing at 30,000-feet: Head to the security checkpoint farthest to the left. According to PopSugar, it's the best way to find the shortest line in your terminal since research shows that most people intuitively turn right (due to most people being right-handed). But if you log some extra steps and proceed to the security point as far left as you can go, this could even be the difference between making it through airport security in time and missing your flight.

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As for sprinting all the way across the airport terminal? "The right carry-on bag [is key]," offers travel expert Dara Continenza of Hopper, an airfare-predicting app. "Choose a lightweight carry-on bag with four wheels that handles easily and can be lifted onto a table with little effort." If you travel with a laptop, a bag with an outside compartment for your machine is particularly convenient for getting through security fast.

"Another way to beat long lines is to sign up for VIP treatment from your airline, if it's offered, such as Delta's Select service," George Hobica the founder of Airfarewatchdog.com tells Southern Living. "It can be expensive but passengers are led to the front of the the lines, which is a boon if you're the type who makes it to the airport with little time to spare." You can buy priority security from United here, and here's a link to American Airlines' version.