Many iconic locations from The Walking Dead are in the Peach State.

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How would you like to step inside a show you binge-watch? Fans of The Walking Dead can do just that. According to Explore Georgia, here are the most popular Georgia locations for TWD selfies:

Jackson Street Bridge (Season 1, Episode 1 "Days Gone By")

See the spot where Rick Grimes rides into Atlanta on horseback. (GPS: 170 Jackson St NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30312)

Hospital Where Rick Emerges from a Coma (Season 1, Episode 1"Days Gone By")

The "hospital" is actually the administrative campus of the Atlanta Mission, a local non-profit serving the homeless.(GPS: 2352 Bolton Rd, Atlanta, Georgia 30318)

The Quarry Campsite (Season1, Episode 2 "Guts")

In 2006, the city of Atlanta bought 100-year-old Bellwood Quarry and is converting it into a 300-acre park and reservoir. You can take an Atlanta Beltline tour and hike down to the bottom. (GPS: Lois Street NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30318)

Town of Woodbury (Season 3, Episode 3 "Walk with Me")

Fictional "Woodbury" is actually Senoia, Georgia, a real life-town that experienced a huge revival, thanks to the show. (GPS: 1 Main St, Senoia, Georgia 30276)

Esco Feed Mill (Season 3, Episode 13 "Arrow on the Doorpost")

Stand on the spot where Merle Dixon tries to take out The Governor. The mill appears in every episode and in the opening credits. (GPS: 10 Line Creek Rd, Haralson, Georgia 30229)

Morgan's House (Season 3, Episode 12 "Clear")

Take the Grantville Walking Dead Tour to visit Morgan's actual apartment used in the show.

Terminus (Season 4, Episode 15 "Us")

Here, the survivors nearly fall prey to Gareth and his group of cannibalistic tormentors. The actual building, located by a train yard near downtown Atlanta, does not have the Terminus branding, but is immediately recognizable to any TWD fan. (GPS: 790 Windsor Street SW, Atlanta, Georgia 30315)

Rick Grimes' House (Season 1, Episode 1, "Days Gone By")

This beautiful 19th-Century Victorian home is in Atlanta's Grant Park neighborhood, near Zoo Atlanta. And if you're a TWD fan looking to relocate to the city, you're in luck. The home is for sale. (GPS: 817 Cherokee Avenue SW, Atlanta, Georgia 30315)

Season 10 (Episode Unknown)

In an episode to air during TWD's season 10 premiere, four cast members are on Jekyll Island's Driftwood Beach dealing with some pretty unsavory stuff. (North end of Jekyll Island, Jekyll Island, Georgia 31527)