Pack your bags.

By Rachel Mulcahy

If we asked our childhood selves what we wanted most in the world, a treehouse would likely come to mind. Treehouses are a place where you can escape from chaos, let your imagination run wild, and simultaneously feel on top of the world. But chances are your youthful treehouse dreams never actually became a reality. Even if you've got kids of your own these days, your childhood hopes aren't completely lost. Treetop Hideaways is making our dreams come true with magical treehouses available for rent. These cozy cabins are nestled in the trees in the Southern town of Flintstone, GA, just a 15-minute drive from Downtown Chattanooga. These treehouses combine the wandering lifestyle with the culture of tiny living.

The Elements Treehouse
Credit: Courtesy of Treetop Hideaways

There are two treehouses that you can stay in: The Luna Loft and The Elements Treehouse. Pick your adventure—do you want the rustic loft or modern cabin?

Luna Loft
Credit: Courtesy of Treetop Hideaways

If you're an explorer at heart, opt for the rustic and chic Luna Loft. This structure is full of character—it's built with reclaimed wood and modeled after a lived-in country house. The most impressive feature of this loft is undoubtedly the sky-high windows, which measure up to 16 feet tall. This space is complete with Edison lights and a balcony that overlooks the valley. Imagine experiencing a fall sunset or stargazing with that panoramic view. The loft can sleep up to 4, with a bed tucked into the roomy loft and a pull-out couch for guests on the main floor.

Outside Balcony
Credit: Courtesy of Treetop Hideaways

If you're looking for an outdoor oasis with a touch of refinement, spend your night at the enchanting and elegant Elements Treehouse. This modern-meets-rustic treehouse is ideal for a family of four, with twin beds in the loft for the kids and a queen bed on the main level for the parents. Top-notch features, like heated floors and a rain shower, will make you never want to leave. Ready for the wow factor? A tree snakes right through the house. Although the inside is dreamy, the outside is made for family fun. The exterior space is equipped with a firepit and grill that is perfect for entertaining the family. Throw some dinner favorites on the grill and roast marshmallows into the night.

Mark these treehouses as a must-stay spot for your fall foliage road trip. Or, come winter, these snow globe-like cabins will become a wonderland. These cabins range from $292 to $375 a night. Pack your bags. It's never too late to make your dreams come true—after all you owe it to your childhood self.