An Exact Replica Of The House From 'The Holiday' Is Coming To Georgia—And You Can Stay There

Jude Law not included.

THE HOLIDAY, Cameron Diaz, 2006
Photo: Columbia Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection

Attention romcom fans!

This holiday season you can stay in the adorable British cottage from The Holiday—no passport required.

That's because Lucy Small of State and Season is bringing an exact replica of the house from cult classic to the Atlanta area.

The Blue Ridge-based designer says she got the idea online. "I'm part of a lot of groups that just enjoy cozy things, no drama, a good book and cup of tea next to a nice smelling candle. And everyone just loves this house," she explained in a news release.

The problem? The house doesn't actually exist. As it turns out, the studio behind the 2006 Cameron Diaz hit found an exterior that was altered for the film and built the interiors on a soundstage in Los Angeles.

"I thought—I could build this," Small recalled. "There's no reason this can't exist in real life."

So, she called her architect and told her to watch the movie so they could build an exact replica of the fictional 300-year-old cottage right there in the Peach State.

Holiday Cottage
State and Season

"If you stay there, I want you to feel like it's an old cottage in the English countryside and Jude Law might knock on the door at any minute," Small notes. But, admittedly, they were forced to make some concessions.

"I wanted to get the exact look but some things are just not possible due to code, like that tiny bathroom under the stairs where you have to duck to get in," she shares. "The windows on the main level have to be further off the ground. And the roof in the movie actually looks broken and sagging—I figured we probably wanted a roof that worked."

The home will feature wood-burning fireplaces, low ceilings with big wooden beams, layered rugs, British pottery, tons of mugs, and "a seemingly endless tea collection to make sure guests are living their coziest dreams." And, it will be decorated for Christmas, of course.

The Holiday Cottage
State and Season
The Holiday Cottage
State and Season

The three-bedroom home officially opens October 1, 2023, but you can book reservations beginning December 1, 2022. Rates start at $290 per night.

Visit for more information.

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