This coastal getaway offers a different sort of leaf peeping.

When searching for fall color, we often look to the mountains, where deciduous forests light up the landscape. The Georgia coast, however, offers another sort of autumnal perspective altogether. During the close of the year, the marshes of Georgia's Golden Isles paper themselves in their eponymous hues. The salt marshes spread out over wide tidal acres and in them grow grasses that turn gold and amber in autumn.

Georgia marshlands
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The coastal marshes—Georgia has nearly 400,000 acres of them filled with yellow-leaved Spartina, or cordgrass, in fall—offer up dramatic sights that shift throughout the day. In the quiet mornings, they seem soft and hazy; then they change, becoming metallic and sparkling as the sunsets paint the skies and fade into night. The Golden Isles have an apt name, and they invite visitors to experience the vibrant landscape up close.

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One of the best spots to see the colors is from Sea Island, the long-loved resort and getaway that now offers several accommodation options in a variety of stays and styles. Book a room at The Cloister, The Lodge, or The Inn (each of which offer a different experience for your coastal vacation), and you'll be near the marshes and everything else the area has to offer.

One of the most memorable ways to experience the landscape is through guided kayak tours through the tidal marshes. Keep an eye out for wildlife, including herons and egrets, and see the marsh grasses in all their golden splendor.

Georgia marshlands
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The combination of salt marshes and beaches ensures a watery vacation with plenty of outdoor fun for all. Wander the island to see the sights or take advantage of the resort's roster of outdoor activities, which invite you out into the salt air. Spin through the landscape on bikes, boat tours, or horseback rides, which explore the island's five miles of picturesque private beach. There are also additional kayaking and sailing opportunities for waterborne adventurers.

Set your sights on Georgia's Golden Isles to experience a different sort of fall foliage with all the charm of a classic coastal getaway. You can find more information and plan your visit at

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Have you ever visited Sea Island, the surrounding area, or any of Georgia's other barrier islands? What's your go-to fall vacation spot?