Josh Lavender of the Savannah Bananas is living up to the team's motto, "we make baseball fun."

There is no crying in baseball—at least when the Savannah Bananas are around. The team, which is part of the Coastal Plain League, a summer league for college players, believes in making baseball as much fun as possible. In fact, their team motto is "We Make Baseball Fun" and they live up that motto each and every game. They have danced in tutus, sung their own walk-up songs, played in kilts, called their own plays, and even had a flower girl walk one of their batters to the plate, throwing petals from the dugout to home plate. (It was so adorable.) In one recent game, one player's walk up to bat may have taken the cake.

Josh Lavender
Credit: The Savannah Bananas.

During the seventh inning of their August 12 match up against the Macon Bacon, it was infielder Josh Lavender's turn at the plate. He emerged from the dugout escorted by a fully-dressed caddy with a golf bag in tow. As they walked up, the announcer introduced Lavender like he was a golf star about to make his debut at August National. As they approached home plate, the caddie pulled out a range finder, while Lavender studied a yardage book. Then Lavender's caddy recommended an iron before they switched the golf club for a baseball bat.

All he needed was an egg salad sandwich to complete the Masters tribute. It was such a perfect hat tip to two of America's favorite pastimes, that Golf Digest reported on it and the PGA Tour shared the moment on social media.  

While you may want to see the Savannah Bananas play, be aware that they are one of the hottest tickets in town. In fact, they've sold out every single home game since 2016, which, fittingly, is completely bananas.