Mokipops Is Atlanta's Coolest Mom-and-Pop (-and-Kid) Shop

Vegan frozen-treat brand Mokipops is a fun family affair.

Amber Khan-Robinson wanted her three children to step away from the screens. "My husband and I posed a challenge to them, saying they needed to come up with something for the summer that didn't involve electronic devices," she recalls. The trio decided that they wanted to start a business, and choosing frozen pops as their product was easy. They already enjoyed making them for family and friends. At their first event in the summer of 2016, and with help from their parents, the budding entrepreneurs sold 85 of their all-natural goodies out of a cooler.

Amber Khan-Robinson of Mokipops in Atlanta
Khalil Muhsin

Today, Mokipops is a bona fide business, with nearly 300,000 pops sold and plans to open a manufacturing facility this year. But more than the brand has grown, notes Khan-Robinson. "What I love seeing is them taking responsibility," she says of her young cofounders, now 9, 11, and 13 years old. "It was about this time last year that I saw a total difference in them taking ownership of their business and really stepping in." For instance, they all love experimenting with flavors in the kitchen. The most popular one in recent memory is the COVID Fighter. "My 13-year-old put everything in it that she thought would burn out COVID from your chest—strong ginger, fresh mint leaves, lemon, and echinacea," Khan-Robinson says with a laugh. "And she sold them for $5 apiece!"

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