This isn't like a regular camping trip, it's a cool camping trip.

Credit: Courtesy Getaway House; Photo: Antonio Dillard

With the hustle and bustle of summer coming to a close, fall is the perfect time to prioritize a little rest and relaxation—if only for the weekend. We're talking about taking time to unplug from the digital world around us, being free of the ghost appendage that is the smartphone.

If your fingers get a little fidgety or your eyes start to feel weird without the glow of blue light, don't be alarmed. Things will start looking up once you get busy doing literally anything else: reading, hiking, toasting marshmallows, or—gasp!—taking a nap. Like a real nap. Do you even remember how to nap?

The perfect place to do all of these things: In the comfort of your own cozy, super tiny cabin hidden in North Georgia's Chattahoochee National Forest. This isn't like a regular camping trip, it's a cool camping trip.

Credit: Courtesy Getaway House; Photo: Michelle Watt

Getaway is a travel-meets-wellness company bringing unique forest retreats to city-dwelling people across the country that need an easy way to unplug. It offers outpost options in nine select locations—three of which are located in the South.

The 57-acre North Georgia outpost is located about two hours outside of Atlanta and offers all of Getaway's minimal, glamping-but-not amenities such as a queen bed (or two!) and floor-to-ceiling window that looks out to your scenery and all of its glorious fall color.

Other features include your own tiny kitchen, fire pit, air conditioning, personal bathroom (hot shower included!), and a stocked stash of camp snacks available for purchase.

Reading Nook
Credit: Courtesy Getaway House; @hillea

It all comes down to the company's belief that it shouldn't feel like work to get away from work. It handles all the details for you. All you have to do is book online here, receive an email with your cabin location and key code, and place your phone in the handy lockbox provided.

You're totally unplugged (read: unhinged?) and get to spend time bonding with your loved ones and enjoying much-needed quiet time in nature. Think of it as the ultimate fall getaway—in the cutest tiny cabin you ever did see. Sold?

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The other two Southern locations can be found outside Dallas, Texas, in the Piney Woods and outside of Washington, D.C., in the picturesque Shenandoah Valley. Go forth and unplug!