Buc-ee's Second Georgia Location Opens Next Month

Bring on the Beaver Nuggets!

We've been saying it for years: There's no pitstop like a Buc-ee's pitstop. The beloved chain of Southern convenience stores, gas stations, and beaver nugget emporiums is one of the best things to ever happen to road trips. While the chain originated in Texas, it has been slowly rolling across the South with new sprawling outposts serving up Dr Pepper Icees and kolaches in Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. Now, that list is about to include a second Georgia location.

The Peach State will have a new place to buy buckets of bacon grease, barbecue, and 15 types of jerky when the new Buc-ee's opens in Calhoun, Georgia, on August 23. The new location is located just off Interstate 75, about 40 miles from the Alabama state line.

Buc-ee's Location Georgia Calhoun

According to AL.com, the new Buc-ee's will take over 53,200-square feet of Calhoun real estate. That is a massive space, but practically small by Buc-ee's standards. Its New Braunfels, Texas, location is a whopping 66,335-square feet, while its new store in Sevierville, Tennessee, is expected to be the world's largest convenience store, at an astonishing 74,000-square-feet.

For drivers pulling off of Interstate 75, the Texas-based chain will offer 120 gas pumps for filling up the tank, as well as a suite of Buc-ee's trademark sparkling clean bathrooms for emptying the tank. Plus they'll be selling all the goodies that Buc-ee's is known for: barbecue sandwiches, beef jerky, homemade fudge, array of jerky, and, of course, its beloved Beaver Nuggets.

Road trip to Calhoun, anyone?

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