Atlanta Man Cheers on the Braves With Frighteningly Funny Halloween Display

Behold the “Braves Yard.”

One creative Atlanta man is taking his support for the Braves to a spooky new level while they chase the World Series title.

Braves fan Bobby Foley decided to use his Halloween decorations to cheer on the hometown baseball team as they take on the Houston Astros to win it all. Using headstones, spider webs, ghosts, and skeletons donning Braves gear, Foley transformed his lawn into a frighteningly funny attraction neighbors are calling the "Braves Yard."

Atlanta Braves Halloween Display

Bobby Foley

Foley lined his front yard with headstones bearing the names of teams the Braves beat this season. One headstone says "Brewers" and "3-1," representing Atlanta's win over Milwaukee, while another reads "Dodgers" in honor of the Braves recent victory over Los Angeles. A third headstone appears to have been purchased by the Astros in anticipation of the Braves winning the championship.

Foley is no stranger to Halloween decorations. In fact, his annual displays have solidified him as a bit of a local celebrity. Last year, his extraordinary skeletons earned him first place in his neighborhood decorating contest.

He told Southern Living that he changes his yard every Wednesday and Sunday during spooky season but plans to leave the Braves Yard display up for a bit longer. Foley says it's been his most popular display so far this year, and he "totally gets why."

The Braves currently lead the Astros 1-0. Game two of the World Series kicks off tonight.

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