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The bond between Southern girls and their mamas is unlike any other. They taught us their beauty secrets, gave us the best advice for every problem, passed down their recipes, and loaned us their pearls (both real and those of wisdom), among countless other things. Not to get too sentimental here, but you never want to look back and wish you'd taken that trip or eaten at that restaurant you always talked about with Mama. It's almost a new year, and even though we support healthy lifestyle and exercise resolutions, you should think about re-structuring that list a bit. In 2018, promise to spend more time with Mama. We've already made it easy for you by making this list of things every mother-daughter duo should do in 2018. From mother-daughter trips to spas and walkable towns, to swapping recipes with each other, and simply seeing a movie together, put these mother-daughter activities at the top of your resolution list. Grab the Lorelai to your Rory—you won't regret a single one.

Visit an Incredible Spa

The South is full of top-rated spas to sneak off to for relaxing getaways. Find a spa near your hometown and book it! A spa day with Mama is always needed and so worth it. The Old Edwards Inn & Spa in Highlands, North Carolina, provides a cozy, gorgeous atmosphere in the mountains.

Swap Recipes

You've cooked Mama's recipes just like she cooked her Mama's, but we know you've picked up a few new tricks in your day. Do a recipe swap with her and make a new and an old recipe. There's nothing quite like a good recipe to bring people together, and you can teach each other something in the process. Find some recipe inspiration here.

Take a Wine Tour

There are countless wineries in the South from Missouri to Virginia, so you and Mama have plenty of options if you want to take a wine tour. If you're a Southern wine-lover who's never visited the North Georgia wineries, Habersham Winery & Vineyards is a must see, and there are plenty of companies that offer transportation and catered lunches for wine tours.

Start a Class Together

Whether cooking, yoga, photography, or calligraphy, learning a new skill or honing existing talents is a valuable and beneficial way to spend time with you mom. Take up guitar lessons or spinning classes and enjoy a new activity together. (We bet you'll share some laughs, too.) If you have a local Sur la Table store, signing up for a cooking class is super easy, but don't hesitate to look to other outlets in your town for something you'll both have fun with.

Clean Out Your Closets

This one might not sound very fun at first, but think about all the treasures (and let's be honest, trash) that's lying in the back of your closets. Pop open a bottle of wine and let the laughter begin as you try on (and throw out) clothes that have been in there for decades. You and Mama will be honest with each other about things that need to go, your closet will look so much more organized, and you'll open up an opportunity for the next activity on the list. Check out our list of 10 secrets only professional closet organizers know for tips and tricks.

Go on a Shopping Spree

A little retail therapy does anyone good, especially when it's paired with Mama's classic taste, eye for bargains, and honest opinion. Take a few hours on a Saturday to visit local shops, or plan a trip to a supreme shopping location like the Silver Sands Outlet Mall in Destin, Florida. Destin is also home to another large outdoor mall and plenty of local shops for perusing.

See a Movie at a Cool Theater

Sure, going to a movie at your local theater is fun, but just like going out to a nice restaurant is more special than cooking in, seeing a movie at a neat venue is just better. Plan a drive to a nearby town with an old theater that's been architecturally restored, an independent theater that shows flicks you won't find at the big theaters, or a gourmet theater that serves dinner and drinks for unique movie-going experiences. The Terrace Theater in Charleston, South Carolina, is the perfect place for a movie night with Mama.

Travel to a Walkable Town

Walkable towns are the best places for mother-daughter getaways. You get to sightsee, shop, eat, and take in all the locals' favorite places. Walkable towns are beautiful and personable, and you're likely to find hidden gems. If you haven't wandered the San Antonio River Walk and its surrounding areas in Texas, start packing for your trip.

Treat Yourselves to a Fancy Dinner

No offense to the husbands and boyfriends out there, but there's no better date than a mother-daughter one. Get dolled up and go to the best restaurant in town for an all-out, every-course dinner. There's no one that deserves it more than you and Mama. Reference our South's Best Restaurants list for suggestions.

Have an Old-Fashioned Sleepover

You're never too old for a sleepover. Play a marathon of your favorite movies and shows (Gilmore Girls, anyone?), order pizza or cook your favorite easy recipe, eat ice cream, tell stories, and laugh like you forgot you could. We could all use a little girl time for catching up and not acting our age. Look over our list of the best Southern movies and TV shows on Netflix if you're in the mood for something that feels like home.

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Get that 2018 resolution list out—these mother-daughter activities and trips might be the most important (and fun!) things you do this coming year.