Our Favorite Friday Night Lights Quotes

10 Ways To Know It’s Football Season in the South

There is something about football and Friday Night Lights that just gets us inspired.

We've learned a lot about life from the award-winning TV show based in Dillon, Texas. For a show about high school football games, this small town series somehow came to embody a certain Southern culture. Coach Eric Taylor, his team, and his wife taught us all a few lessons about everything from perseverance to showing love. Whether on the field or at home with his girls, Coach Taylor is always full of advice and words to live by. We will strive to live our lives with "clear eyes, full hearts" just like the Panthers. Here are our favorite motivational quotes.

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Coach Taylor on Time

Friday Night Lights Quote: 6 AM
Jacqueline Nix/Getty Images

"6 AM sharp means a quarter to 6"

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Coach Taylor on Performance

Friday Night Lights Quote: 110 Percent
Skip Nall/Getty Images

"You give 110 percent all the time, not just when you feel like it"

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Tami Taylor on Winning and Losing

Friday Night Lights Quote: Win or Lose
RonTech2000/Getty Images

"Well, you're gonna win, or you're gonna lose. Either way, the sun's gonna come up the next morning."

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Coach Taylor to His Boys

Friday Night Lights Quote: Stay Away from Dumb
Ryn McVay/Getty Images

"Stay away from dumb, gentlemen."

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Coach Taylor on Losing a Battle

Friday Night Lights Quote: Losing a Battle
Hans Neleman/Getty Images

"Every man at some point in his life is gonna lose a battle. He's gonna fight and he's gonna lose. But what makes him a man is that in the midst of the battle, he does not lose himself."

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Coach Taylor on Helping with the Dishes

Friday Night Lights Quote: Helping with the Dishes
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"I was gonna help you with the dishes but I somehow got stuck to the couch."

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Tyra Collette on Love

Friday Night Lights Quote: Love Someone
Jill Patton/Gretty Images

"Life's harder when you truly love someone"

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Coach Taylor on Success

Friday Night Lights Quote: Success
xjben/Getty Images

"Success is not a goal, it's a byproduct."

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Coach Taylor on Marriage

Friday Night Lights Quote: Marriage
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"Marriage requires maturity. Marriage requires two people that will listen, really listen, to each other. Marriage, most of all, requires compromise."

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Tami Taylor on Others

Friday Night Lights: Other People
Aaron McCoy/Getty Images

"You never know what's going on with somebody, sweetie. Can't take it personally."

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Coach Taylor on Character

Friday Night Lights Quote: Character
Visions of America/Getty Imaes

"I said you need to strive to be better than everyone else. I didn't say you needed to be better than everyone else. But you gotta try. That's what character is: It's in the try."

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Coach Taylor on Being a Man

Friday Night Lights Quote: Being a Man
Jacqueline Nix/Getty Images

"Suck it up. That's what being a man is."

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Tami Taylor on Her Job

Friday Night Lights Quote: Growing Up Stupid
NBC/Getty Images

"It's part of my job to make sure that you don't grow up stupid. It's bad for the world."

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Jason Street on Football

Friday Night Lights Quote: Everyone Love Football
NBC/Getty Images

"Does God love football? I think everyone loves football."

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Mama Smash on Opportunities

Friday Night Light Quote: God Never Fumbles
Grant Faint/Getty Images

"But honey, when a door closes, God opens a window. He don't never fumble the ball, baby. He always gets the touchdown."

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Coach Taylor on Hard Times

Friday Night Lightds Quote: Being Tested
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"We will all be tested. It is these times, it is this pain, that allows us to look inside ourselves."

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Coach Taylor on Self

Friday Night Lights Quote: Listen to Yourself
Joseph Gareri/Getty Images

"You listen to people that love you and you listen to people that you trust. Most of all, you listen to yourself."

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Coach Taylor on the Answers

Friday Night Lights Quote: Answers
Visions of America/Getty Imaes

"I can't give you any answers. You gotta make the answers."

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Coach Taylor on Women

Friday Night Lights Quote: Women
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"Son, everything I know about women, you could fit in this coffee cup here."

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The Panthers

Friday Night Lights Quote: Clear Eyes
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"Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose."

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