These free destinations are just five more reasons to love the South.

The South is home to some of the best sights in America. But, these pit stops are even sweeter when you don't have to spend money. Here are five fun and free Southern attractions for your family!

Take your junior astronomers to the Dyer Observatory at Vanderbilt University. On Open House Days, you can reserve a visit at no cost! Check out the sundial garden, take a peek at their Star Chamber, or get an up-close view of the sun through the school's solar telescope.

Bring your family back in time for a history lesson at the famous Alamo! Entrance to the Alamo Church and its grounds are completely free. You can rediscover the story of the 1836 battle all on your own.

If you're driving through Alabama, stop and smell the roses at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. With free admission, parking and Wi-Fi, you're bound to appreciate the 67.5 acres of over 3,000 types of plant life. There's even a Southern Living section!

For families on the wild side, check out the Saint Louis Zoo in Missouri! Voted America's Top Free Attraction, this animal lover's wonderland is separated into six spectacular zoo zones.

Be one with nature at the gorgeous Great Smoky Mountains National Park! With no entrance fee, you can enjoy hiking, camping, horseback riding, fishing, or a quality picnic with a little more cash in your wallet.

These free destinations are just five more reasons to be southbound.