Here's Why Disney World Doesn't Have Mosquitoes

Florida is beautiful for many reasons, except for the mosquitoes.

Disney World Magic Kingdom
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Florida has many beautiful things going for it—jaw-dropping beaches, mermaids, and Florida Orange Grove Pie, to name a few. It also has mosquitoes, though—lots of mosquitoes. Most Southerners accept them as part of the cost of living in the swamp. However, one corner of Florida doesn't have the little buggers—Disney World.

Step foot into the Magic Kingdom, and it's doubtful you'll get bitten by one of those pesky bloodsuckers. While it feels like part of the magic that makes up the "Most Magical Place on Earth," there's a lot of elbow grease and science behind it—and some chickens, too.

In a video, a video blogger named Rob Plays takes a look at the comprehensive pest abatement program that makes Disney nearly mosquito free.

According to Plays, the park uses a Mosquito Surveillance Program to ensure mosquitoes aren't invading the park. The program includes all the usual suspects of insecticides and maintaining natural predators, like the bats that loiter around Fort Wilderness. As anyone who battled the bugs in their backyard knows, mosquitoes are a wily bunch.

To guarantee Disney is using the correct insecticide to kill the little buggers, they also use carbon dioxide traps everywhere, which catch the bugs so the Disney team can analyze them and figure out the best way to eradicate them.

As for the chickens, according to The Disney Blog, the so-called sentinel chickens live in coops all over Disney World and go about their chicken lives. Their blood is monitored regularly for mosquito-borne diseases like West Nile virus and Zika. While chickens aren't prone to West Nile or Zika, if the diseases show up in their blood, based on the chicken coop's location, park employees know precisely which part of the park and where to focus their mosquito-destroying powers.

Now, raise your hand. Would you buy a Disney Sentinel Chicken Mosquito-Fighting Squad t-shirt?

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