Safety first!


While chickens are the ones to usually get the attention, Naples residents may have been wondering why it was that a turtle tried to cross the road yesterday.

A man driving down U.S. 41 in Naples, Florida spotted a turtle trying to make a break for it across multiple lanes of traffic on a busy road, far from the ideal place to go turtle watching. A good Samaritan who is perhaps an animal lover—or at least someone who is fond of turtles—briefly stopped traffic and set about getting the little turtle to safety, local Florida news outlet, ABC 7 reports.

In a video captured by another motorist, the anonymous good citizen hopped out of his truck, picked up the wayward turtle and carried it across a few lanes of traffic and deposited it on the side of the road. It may not have been exactly where the turtle wanted to go, but it was a lot safer than the highway. You can watch the video here.

Snapping turtle on highway
Credit: (c) Kelly Shipp Photography/Getty Images

While the City of Naples local government urges visitors and residents to not approach, touch, or interfere with the endangered turtles that make their home in Florida, guessing they won't have a problem with this kind soul's efforts.