The bite lives up to the hype.

Caroline Rogers

You've seen pictures of it on Instagram. You scroll by, thinking it's probably a gimmick. Or perhaps you're curious: How'd they put Key lime pie on a stick? Doesn't that defy the laws of physics? Or at least the laws of pie eating?

You can put any skepticism to rest, because there's a good reason no trip to Key West is complete without a slice of Key lime pie dipped in chocolate and served on a stick. Yes, on a stick. This is no plated pie. The foundation of this particular frozen treat is a slice of classic Key lime—which we're all familiar with. The pie, however, is just the beginning. The tangy slice is then dipped in chocolate, frozen into a jaunty little triangle, and served up, vertical style, on a stick. It's a favorite Southern pie turned into a pop of legendary proportions, and I am now convinced that no other Key-lime-pie-eating methods can possibly live up to this one.

How does it taste? I ordered one at Kermit's Key West Key Lime Shoppe one afternoon and subsequently scarfed it down on the sunbaked sidewalk outside the shop. It was a minutes-long, slightly brain-freezing experience, and it was delicious. That was three months ago, and I'm still thinking about it. It's tart and creamy. It's sweet and chocolaty. It's ice cold. Y'all, this is one time the bite truly lives up to the hype.

You can find your own portable slice of frozen, chocolate-dipped Key lime pie at Kermit's, where I found mine, but they're also available at the Key West Key Lime Pie Co. Plus, as a treat to us all: They ship! Order a box from either spot—it'll be the perfect chilly complement to the South's sweltering late summer days.

You can also find Kermit's and the Key Lime Pie Co. on Instagram, where you'll be tempted by their sweet daily snaps.

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Have you ever had a bite of Key lime pie on a stick? If a trip to Key West is in your future, seek out this sweet treat—you won't be disappointed.