Florida Police Pull 5-Foot Snake from Man's New Couch

Lions, tigers, and … snakes, oh my!

You never know what you're going to get when you live in the swamp. From alligators running through parking lots to an Internet-famous bald eagle couple, Florida is known for its frequent, and often outlandish, wildlife encounters. This week, the state added another crazy critter tale to its ever-expanding list when a Clearwater man found a 5-foot-long snake in his new couch.

Courtesy of Clearwater Police Department

The resident of Marilyn Pines Condominiums called the Clearwater Police Department for reinforcements when he realized that a snake had slithered into his sofa. Officers removed the new couch from the man's home and were able to successfully extract the 5-foot-long red-tailed boa. The man believed the snake had been hiding deep within the couch since the new piece of furniture was delivered days before.

Once the unwanted "house guest" was evicted from its post, officers carried the couch back inside and delivered the snake to a local pet shop. Despite their size, red-tailed boas are not venomous or dangerous. They're generally docile and considered a good beginner pet for snake lovers. So, there's hope yet that this critter will find a slightly more welcoming home!

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The Clearwater Police Department detailed the unusual house call in a Facebook post, writing "It's a jungle out there sometimes."

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