The Under-The-Radar Florida Beach Town You Need To Visit

With 24 miles of coastline, this Atlantic Coast gem could be the Sunshine State's best-kept secret.

As far as swoon-worthy beaches are concerned, there's no denying it: Florida is spoiled with options. Second only to Alaska in its length of total coastline (with, hands down, way better weather), the Sunshine State boasts everything from family-centric, sugar white-sand paradises to island escapes where happy hour is, well, every hour.

Chances are you have a favorite getaway—an old faithful you tend to return to year after year. But if you're looking to branch out from the norm, look no further than Cape Canaveral, Florida. Unlike many sizzling destinations along the Florida coastline, you won't find any nightclubs and mega-resorts here—just miles and miles of deliciously uncrowded beaches. The destination is so spectacular that in 2020, Airbnb named the tiny town one of the 20 hottest places to visit in the world.

Cape Canaveral Florida Top Airbnb Destination 2020
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Sound like a dream? Then start packing your bags for this sliver of a barrier island along Florida's aptly named Space Coast. Famously home to NASA's launch HQ—along with one of the busiest cruise ports in the country—Cape Canaveral has attracted a steady stream of rocket enthusiasts since the dawn of the Apollo missions.

But there's much more to experience along the Cape Canaveral's 24 miles—particularly if the idea of a water-centric vacay appeals to you. Flanked by the Banana River on one side and the Atlantic on the other, the small town offers everything from stellar kayak tours through bioluminescent waters to wildlife excursions where you can get up close and personal with dolphins and manatees. A few miles north of the bustling port, Canaveral National Seashore is another can't-miss attraction with 58,000 acres of untouched natural dunes and coastline.

While the town maintains a quieter existence, post-beach hangouts are never hard to find. Park your car at Port Canaveral, and you'll have your pick among a slew of casual, open-air eateries serving up fresh catch right from the boat. Just down the street, beer aficionados can sip on recognizable brews at the Carib Brewery USA, famous for their widely distributed Key West Sunset Ale. And a few miles south of that, Cape Canaveral's surf-centric neighbor, Cocoa Beach, offers a heartier menu of watering holes ranging from relaxed to raucous.

Ready to plan an extended trip to this Sunshine State city? We hear winter is a wonderful time to visit.

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