A Book Butler Will Deliver a Best-Selling Book to Your Room at This Palm Beach Hotel—No Returns Necessary!

Books on demand? Sign us up!

Book Butler The Ben
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We all know that dreaded feeling of arriving at a relaxing vacation only to realize you've forgotten to bring a book. When that happens, your options are limited. You're left hoping your hotel has a library, then praying there's something decent to pick up. At The Ben in West Palm Beach, Florida, neither of those measures are necessary thanks to the hotel's new Book Butler Program.

What's a Book Butler? Well, it's exactly what it sounds like. Instead of ordering room service or fresh towels to your room, guests can dial "0" from their in-room phone and get connected with a Book Butler. Each quarter, the hotel will offer a selection of four best-selling books all centered around a theme. Once you've made your selection from the book menu, a butler will deliver a brand-new complimentary copy that you can enjoy during your stay. The best part? If you don't finish the book before you check-out, you can take it with you! No room in your luggage? All left-behind books are donated to the West Palm Beach Library Foundation.

In addition to a book delivery, the Book Butler program includes a complimentary in-room dining menu called Book Bites featuring small plates specially paired to your book selection.

The new program honors The Ben's rich literary history that dates to the 19th century, beginning with a woman named Byrd Spillman Dewey. The best-selling author and celebrated columnist lived on The Ben's property in an estate originally named Ben Travato, a term loosely derived from an Italian phrase meaning, "even if it isn't true, it's still a good story."

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"We are thrilled to introduce The Book Butler program to our guests, not only because it offers another glimpse into the rich, literary-inspired backstory of The Ben and its muse, Byrd Dewey, but also because it celebrates a fine local establishment through our new partnership with The Palm Beach Book Store," Bernardo Neto, General Manager of The Ben, said in a release. "We understand the value in supporting independently-owned, neighborhood businesses and giving back to our community, particularly during the current economic climate, and are pleased to be able to introduce our guests to such a revered local bookshop as part of this new program."

All in favor of every hotel offering a Book Butler, say aye!

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