A Utah man got quite the introduction to Florida fishing while visiting family in Pinellas County last week.

Amanda Rissman told WLFA that she and her husband Chad were hoping to watch the sunset and do a little fishing with family off the Dunedin Causeway Wednesday night. Chad, who had just gotten his fishing license that morning, wasn't having much luck. They were packing up to leave when one of the lines started moving.

"We are just sitting there talking. The line got tight and slack," Chad's uncle, Darrin Vick, recalled to WTVT.  To their surprise, there was a shark at the end of his line.

Darrin waded into the surf to help reel in Chad's catch, but not before a bald eagle swept in out of nowhere and claimed the shark for itself.

Amanda shared footage of the wild experience on TikTok. "When you snag a Shark & the Eagle takes the prize!" she captioned the-now viral video.

While Chad didn't end up with his catch, he did get to take home a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

"I used to identify as a Utah man, but now I'm definitely a Florida man," he told WTVT.

The family cut the line short and got the hook away from the eagle, who wildlife rehabbers later identified as Eugene. Kim Begay with the Clearwater Audubon Society and Audubon Center for Birds of Prey told WTVT that Eugene was first rescued in Bradenton after fracturing her leg in 2017. She was later released but never got quite the hang of hunting.

Bald Eagle Diving
Credit: KenCanning/Getty Images

Begay said it appears the majestic bird is on the lookout for easy meals. She also said that Chad and crew handled the situation well.  

"I think they did a really great job," Begay said. "It could have been a lot worse."