Flight Attendants Spill on Why You Really Don’t Want to Take Your Shoes Off on a Plane
Credit: Getty Images

If there's one thing flight attendants know better than anyone, it's the dirty little secrets of air travel—and we mean dirty. That's why this recent report from Cosmopolitan UK has our stomachs doing barrel rolls.

In a conversation with Cosmo, flight attendants revealed that the thing passengers do that makes them cringe the hardest is walking around the plane without shoes on. And it's not because it's rude, or inherently dangerous, it's because it's just plain dirty.

The reason it's so gross is because aside from a quick spray and toilet paper change, plane toilets aren't always properly sanitized between flights. And as far as the floor goes, let's just say that little puddle probably isn't water….

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And it's not just the bathrooms barefooted passengers should be wary of, it's the entire floor of the plane. Why? According to attendants, if someone is sick on a plane, cleaning crews only spot clean the area, which means chances are high they missed a bit.

So that settles it! Consider our shoes in the upright and locked position from take-off to touchdown from here on out.