These small towns have major personality.
Franklin, Tennessee
Credit: Courtesy Universal Images Group/Getty Images

Your favorite small town says more about you than you might think. And in the South, the towns say it with a drawl. Our Southern towns have personality—and lots of it. You know the adage "The smaller the town, the bigger the attitude"? Well, the towns we love may just prove the rule on that one. What does your favorite Southern small town say about you? Take a gander at the dispositions below, and see for yourself.

Matlacha, Florida | The Coastal Type
Oh hey, beach bum. If Matlacha is your favorite Southern small town, you move through life with a slow coastal groove…or, at least, you aspire to. You love the low-key beach life—but it has to have an infusion of sweet Southern charm. You're allergic to pretension, and you can't get enough of fuchsia- and cobalt-painted buildings and bold, surreal art. You're drawn to eclectic style and unfussy schedules. After all, you're on island time.

Thomasville, Georgia | The Stylish Sophisticate
Thomasville is the small-town equivalent of a balmy breeze. A breeze through the pine trees, no less. No matter the season, you are always perfectly outfitted for a cold cocktail on a spacious porch. If Thomasville is your favorite town, you love its perfect blend of casual and refined, charming and elegant. Southerners who frequent this small South Georgia town can't help but be swept up in its bountiful hospitality, cobblestone-clad downtown, historic homes, and massive oak trees.

Brevard, North Carolina | The Mountain Adventurer
Your bicycle is parked outside, isn't it? Brevard is a next-door neighbor to like-minded Asheville. The two share a love of craft beers, great music, and outdoor sports. Brevard people know an adventure when they see one, whether it's in the wilds of the nearby Pisgah National Forest or in the audience at the Brevard Music Center.

Lockhart, Texas | The Barbecue Guru
This tiny town is packed with flavor. Frequenters of Lockhart know that great things come in unassuming packages. If you're the Lockhart type, you sit down alongside your neighbors, open up your paper-wrapped meats, and wait to taste magic. The likes of Kreuz Market, Black's Barbecue, and Smitty's Market remind you that hard work, a touch of smoke, and a little spice equals greatness. You live by that.

Oxford, Mississippi | The Southern Scholar
If Oxford is your favorite spot, you have a collegiate spirit. You always have a book in hand, and—when autumn rolls around—you bring out the elbow patches and tweed. (No matter that Mississippi is warmish year-round.) The libraries, school spirit, and literary landmarks around Oxford keep your feet occupied, your mind busy, and your loafers pointed toward educational adventures.

Franklin, Tennessee | The Old-Fashioned Classic
Just south of Music City, you'll find all the classic charm of country music and rolling hills in a small, endearing package. This quintessential Middle Tennessee town is billed as "14 miles and 100 years from Nashville," so if Franklin is your fave, you belong in a place where you can slow down, take a deep breath of fresh air, and enjoy unhurried conversations with your neighbors. You belong in the country, a stone's throw from a main street so charming it will break your heart.

Aiken, South Carolina | The Horse Whisperer
Aiken resident Cot Campbell is quoted in our March 2017 issue as saying, "I think horse people are an unusual lot […] They're characters, a lot of them—colorful and interesting—very interesting." If you're drawn to this horse-centric town, you are a character too. If people are looking for you in Aiken, they know they'll find you atop a steed, meandering downtown, or at the track outfitted in your favorite riding boots.

Eureka Springs, Arkansas | The Variety Enthusiast
Those who appreciate Eureka Springs have had a "eureka" moment themselves. If this is your spot, you thrive on variety. In this Arkansas town, you are transported to a place with entertaining escapes for everyone. Variety is the name of the game, and you can do something different at any hour of the day. You'll scarcely know where to begin, but you'll never be able to stop. (Start with the shops, the wildlife refuge, antiques galore, and unforgettable food.)

So what does your favorite small town say about you? Or do you love them all? Our small towns contain multitudes, just like us, and they are so much fun to explore. We learn something new about them every time we visit.